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The Lew Crew
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Chubby Cheeta's Kitchen Recipes, # 2, Chia Sports Drink

I drank the Chia Sports Drink during my 12 mile trail run and I am barely sore. I drank only water on my 8 mile run six days earlier and I could hardly walk almost until the 12 mile run. I found the idea of a Chia drink while reading about the Tarahumara.


Chia-  3 or 4 tablespoons
Maca- 3 or four tablespoons
Hemp Protein Powder- 1 large scoop
Hawaiian Sea Salt- 2 fat pinches
Agave Syrup- 3 tablespoons
Water- 6 to 8 cups

First bring your 6 to 8 cups of water and the 2 fat pinches of sea salt to a boil, vary the amount water to change the thickness or flavor. Remove the water mix from the heat, stir all ingredients, set pot on a cooling rack until the mixture is room temperature.  Pour room temperature mix into a blender, and either pulse or put on slowest setting, and lightly blend.

 You will have the urge to blend it in the blender say 1/2 way cooled, or 3/4 cooled. Well, if your mix is anywhere near the top of the blender, then steam will build in the blender very rapidly, and spit hot shit all over you, burning you, and make a mess in the kitchen. And, if you a really smart kid, like me, then you'll try in twenty minutes when it's still not cool enough, and reburn and mess your shit up again.

Pour into jars or  a pitcher. I save some jars so can split it up for different workouts.

It is earhty yet sweet spice drink. It the only thing I did different between the two runs. I drank four ounces after four miles, 8 ounces after mile 8, finishing the last 4 ounces after mile 12, and wishing I had more, because I famished at that point. A.D.D. Idea. A squeeze of lime might be nice. I think I am going to try some lime. I hope you enjoy. 

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