The Lew Crew

The Lew Crew
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Grocery Freak Out!

My baby girl and I were both going through the cabinets. She was tossing things on the floor, and I was searching for something to fill the tobacco void. I couldn't find anything to satisfy my needs, and we decided to run to the health food store before Mama got home from work. You know, just to grab a few things for a vegetarian curry. So, we go to the store, next thing you know we are wandering the store sharing an open unpaid for bag of cheese poofs, and finding all sorts of wonderful delicious things. $ 85.00  later I still didn't have everything I needed for the curry, and I only had one bag of groceries. Damn heath food stores. Hmm, I will go to the Kea'au farmers market, a great place to get cheap fresh vegetables. Shit! I gave my last eleven dollars to my wife, and they only accept cash at the farmers market. I can just run by KTA, it is more expensive, but they have very nice produce. I'll just grab a couple of veggies, maybe a cheese pizza for tomorrow. Right! As my cravings grew deeper and deeper my cart got fuller and fuller. To add to the drama we are having a bit of a tight month. I spent $ 160.00 at KTA. I now have spent $ 240.00 on groceries. When I got home my wife almost flipped out, but she is so cool that she swallowed her anger, and we had a long talk. I had one other freak out, but I am saving that one for my video chronicle. I am heading up to Volcano National Park for a long run today, and will report back soon.

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