The Lew Crew

The Lew Crew
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chubby Cheetah Kitchen Invitation

As part of this whole twisted experiment I am going to compose a Vegetarian cookbook. I am pretty handy around the kitchen, and to keep my self from splitting at the seams from meat withdrawals I have got inventive in the kitchen. Plus the level of nutrition and calories ha have to be present to pull off long distance runs. I also found with a lot recipes with health food are only trying to sell you there cookbook, and a lot of them are like 15 chia recipes. I am not going to pay 15.00 for a ten or fifteen recipe cook book. Kiss my white flabby ass! Anyways, any post that says Chubby Cheetah's Kitchen from now on will be a recipe for vegetarian food.

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