The Lew Crew

The Lew Crew
You got a long way to go Fat Stuff! Get out there and run!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My body is really starting to change

I haven't posted about running for a couple of weeks because it has been going good. Good seemed boring. I have done two 12 mile trail runs, and was only mildly stiff the next day. I was shooting for 16 miles both times. The run is a 4 mile loop, and when I had finished 12 mile both times I could have run all 16 miles, but I would have been risking injury. During the 9 to 12 mile loop, I started dragging and stubbing toes. I decided it would be better to avoid injury, and pull back to 12 miles. I am going to push through to 16 miles this weekend for sure.

Good food and exercise seem to be agreeing with me. My posture is getting better. I have less back pain. My guts seem to be getting back on track, and they have been screwed up for years. My fat is shrinking, but I still am not fat poor. Baby got back! My upper body and core are strengthening and toning. I am realizing i am going to be spending a year on the doorstep of fatigue, and maybe longer. I am going to have to push like a madman, yet be able to be reasonable enough to stop or get rest when I need it. I will be walking a fine line.

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