The Lew Crew

The Lew Crew
You got a long way to go Fat Stuff! Get out there and run!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Craving Chew & Hot Dog Water

The no meat thing has not been too bad until today. I was craving chewing tobacco so hard this morning I thought my skin was going to split. I had drank enough coffee to make an elephant run wind sprints, and was considering going to WalMart parking lot and start head-butting cars until I had knocked myself out. Instead I spent some energy fertilizing our Banana Trees. Part of my crazy angst is I missed my run yesterday; I went paddle boarding instead. Then while I was cutting up an organic all beef hot dog for my daughter I accidentally licked my fingers. Whoa! Mmm! Yea! Next thing I know I am hovering above the hot dog water slowly indulging in the steamy smell of hot dog vapor. I think I will go for a run right now to shake these cravings.

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