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The Lew Crew
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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Sore Leg Bathroom Waddle

After the Kilauea Iki 8 mile run, on VD day Feb. 14th 2011, it seemed as if I was OK. I hurt, but for the first time at this distance, my feet seemed worse than my legs. I had more than one sore toe. Not from the  shoes as much as it was the sheer number of steps on uneven terrain.

 Upon finishing my first loop, I stopped to call the girls, and I saw that it was noon, the first loop took over 1-1/2 hours, and I had to meet My wife at 1:00 so she can pass the baby off to me, switch the Prius for the Jeep, and get down the hill to Hilo and get to work at 2:15 PM.

I knew if I was going to make 8 miles I was going to have to haul ass on fatigued legs. I scrambled back out onto the trail. I reversed directions, and descended by Thurston Lava Tube. I flew like a lion through the first steep descent, but I started to fatigue going through the bottom of the crater. The initial ascent is a super steep trail slash rock stairs. As I ran peering up at the ascent, I jammed the ball of my right foot on a lava rock, straining the  muscle, and almost rolling my ankle. I started to try to run the ascent, and immediately fell back into a walk. I walked quickly until I got into the shade. I stopped removed my hydro pack and Micheal Jordan sweat band to allow my body temperature drop. Once my body temp lowered; I consume a couple of small mouth fulls of water not wanting to over do it. I continued. Getting up those steps is like doing lunges, my quads were shaking like jello, but I pushed through, made it to the top, and then was able to start a slow sliding jog. I knew I was running out of time, and had to get to the parking lot. The rest of the is ascent is very gradual, and I was able to run/walk it at a pace faster than my body wanted. I made it to the parking lot just before to girls arrived. I finished the trail 8 miles in 2-1/2 hours. My feet were really stinging, my legs were numb and had an occasional shooting pain, but I thought they just might be OK.

Wrong! I woke up needing to take a leak, and my legs were stiff as boards, and when I put my feet to the floor someone shoved a hot nail in my calves. Whimpering I teetered side to side like I had two wooden legs, and electric shocks ran up to my ass. My legs were like this for the next three nights. I skipped my short runs, and my paddle boarding.

Thursday morning I drizzled out of bed at 6 AM, and hobbled down the hall to draw a hot epsom salt bath. I soaked, and then got up to make coffee and make a breakfast burrito. Then I rubbed my legs down hard with the red Tiger Balm. Please, heal me firery balm! The girls got up, and the Girls and I went to Hilo Bay. There were small waves. I was still in tons of calf pain. I paddle over in the waves. I couldn't take off on a damn wave. I would get all wobbly the moment before dropping in, I would try to contain the fire in my legs, and splash I would kook out and Huli (fall) off my board. My friend Big L. and I swapped boards in the water. His board is a little wider and more stable. And, He is actually a good surfer and can ride my board. I still couldn't catch waves, until I started kneeling and paddling for the waves. I never could get enough blood into the muscles to wash, even if temporary, away the soreness. We swapped boards back. Big L. caught the next wave in to shore. I tried a couple of times, and resigned to paddle across the bay, and over to where the girls were playing on the beach.

Friday, I did stations, I jumped rope, did push ups, sit-ups, pull ups, and ran in place. My calves were still super sore, and I wanted to try for 16 miles the next day. I talked to my wife, who is sometimes very wise, Hey, I said, "Sometimes", suggested I push the run to Sunday. I agreed, in fact I was a little scared of even doing Sunday's run...

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