The Lew Crew

The Lew Crew
You got a long way to go Fat Stuff! Get out there and run!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Note to 2019


      This is hopefully my last season as the Chubby Cheetah, and then I will retire this project maybe after I crush at the Big Horn 50, but I really have my sites set the World Championships of Triathlon Ironman in Kona, Hawaii. If I don't gain entry, maybe I can look at doing a 100 mile foot race, but if I can find a way to be super dedicated to every thing in my life, and super successful at my physical endeavors then I would like to bring this project to close. Even if no one every sees it except my little family. I need to finish this project. 2019 is a year of closure for all old projects and ways of being. Shed your skin, and leave behind anger, self judgement, regrets. Let's set ourselves up to win for the rest of our lives. Letting go of any anger or resentment, which only hobbles the owner from their own bliss. Letting every molecule expand, becoming lighter, making it impossible for the dark bitter seeds to cling onto all the slights in your life, and through that slight expansion, all your bitterness floats away, leaving you a nonjudgemental lighter beaming with life you who glides through life in the front seat of the roller coaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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