The Lew Crew

The Lew Crew
You got a long way to go Fat Stuff! Get out there and run!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Hilo to Volcano 50k Relay Tomorrow


     I am heavier than I have probably ever been. Weighing 207 pounds. I am feeling strong in spite of my weight. After tomorrows race I am going to start to control my portions, but I am going to let most of the weight come off naturally during the season. It is such a difficult balance between staying strong and losing fat. Weight is not really the way I should phrase it, because I don't want to lose any muscle. My belly already doesn't slide over when I lay on my side, so I am already trimming up a bunch.

    Tomorrow's relay is two mile segments, and I am hoping to keep my slow paces around 9 minute miles, and if I am falling apart no slower than 10 minute miles, and during some point of the race hit 7 minute miles. The trick is staying strong all day, keeping lightly fed and hydrated. Starting at sea level the race is over 4000 feet of elevation gain, so it is all up hill, except the out an d back down Wright Rd. which is, the hardest part, large rolling hills at around 4,200 feet elevation. It's a small race, maybe 100-150 entries with relay teams, and a fun post race hang out and awards.

   After, a nice hard push for running being fully started after this race it is time to fold the other disciplines into the schedule. I will start my swim training, switch from small occasional mountain bike rides into hilly tri-bike rides, lots of short hard pool swamis while the kids are at swim practice, surfing, I will definitely push work outs to go surfing, keeping sailing on the first and third Saturdays with the Hilo Sailing Club, and by somewhere opening the connection to unlimited spiritual energy rise above my own deprecating self image, plug in, reset the whole fucking computer even if it risks everything.  I will not carry my race season as a ball and chain through the mud and rocks letting my other responsibilities and desires fall to the way side as my home chores pill like it''s a career choice. I will not use, "I will not, cannot, won't" with me, instead rising with positive language and thoughts. "I allow myself, Not I stopped eating this, but I started eating this. Things we pretend piss us off or frustrated, I am going to do like I tell me children, "stop, try again, try a new tactic." I am not going let the mind say no beer, spit out the tobacco, put down the whiskey, pick up the broccoli, unless my my body tells me. Over the years of trying these races I have learned that you body will tell you what it wants and when. If you listen every thing goes well. It will be interesting to see how my new perspective, coming off recent failures, and keeping life fun will play out this season. Especially with all of my workout friends in far superior shape due to their consistency conditioning themselves over the years. I have fallen in and out due projects, life, accepting the excuses I provided myself. This is going to be a year at living in the joy and grace and laughter of life, and for that reason I will succeed in all my endeavors!

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