The Lew Crew

The Lew Crew
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Goverment Shut or Furlough Days

Instead of a government shut down, they should consider it furlough days. That way they could claim that they are saving us money instead of screwing us one more time. Tea party blames the Republicans and the Liberals, the Liberals blame all the conservatives, The Old Guard Conservatives blame the Liberals and wish they could also blame the Tea Party. These people all act more like spoiled rich kid than they do politicians. Everybody wants a showdown, everybody wants to play the blame game, next year we must start campaigning for the Presidential Race again. I think they all need a old fashion ass kicking, and then we we put them in time out. Can't they ever agree that both parties lead up to all these problems, and they have a responsibility to not act so ridiculous. And to the Tea Party, you don't even know who you are, you have all the consistency of rotten yogurt. You run all the way from smart fiscal conservative to crazy ass racist who have attach themselves to your party. How did you let that shit happen? Your young congress members are the one trying to slide in ideological laws into a budget bill, now you've assisted in shutting down the government. But my real question is, with a government shut, will anyone really notice??? LOL!

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